P for Pairing

Champagne and Camembert or Cider and Cheddar? Our new P for Pairing project is all about exploring alphabetical pairings and showcasing female talent in gastronomy.

We are excited to share our new project, P for Pairing!

P for Pairing is an exploration of the world’s foods and drinks — beyond the grape and beyond the wine, discovering the most intriguing combinations, some traditional and some less so, that will be presented as a series of alphabetical pairings. Will it be Albariño and avocado or Aligoté and Aubergine? Camembert and Champagne or Cider and Cheddar? We will keep revealing the combos on our website and of course on our socials, Instagram and Facebook.

The first part of the project is released in collaboration with women in gastronomy, working from their home kitchens, studios and restaurants, to spread the word and love about the global dishes and ingredients that are close to their hearts. So far, we are covering the female culinary talent in Barcelona, but preparing to travel to other destinations very soon.

For this project we have partnered with visual artists Blanca Galindo and David Simon from Leafhopper, who work in photojournalism, art photography, fashion, music, NGO commissions and commercial projects and have a particular talent of creating powerful images reflecting on the human and the natural worlds.